Command modesΒΆ

Normal mode Switch>

Read-only access to some of the switch info.

  • enable to go into priviledged mode.
Priviledged mode Switch#

User is allowed to configure the switch.

  • disable to go back to normal mode.
  • config terminal to go to configuration mode.
Configuration mode Switch(config)#

General configuration of the switch.

  • line ... to go to line configuration mode.
  • interface ... to go to interface configuration mode.
Line conf mode Switch(config-line)#
Configuration of the command lines like the console port CON or the VTYs.
Interface conf mode Switch(config-if)#

Configure a specific interface. It can be a lot of things, including:

  • a port, fa1/0/1
  • a vlan, vlan 1
  • etc.