Introducing the naked_man

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Read & search the man pages online with the naked_man. This is still beta software: please bear with me as I improve the service. Please do send me any remark or suggestion you would have :) See the sidebar here for contact info.

Functional web testing with selenium and ruby

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I can see two reasons to use automation: 1) because you’re lazy a good developer and don’t want to do a task by hand twice, and 2) because you prefer turning a boring task into a neat scripting challenge :) Well, next time you do anything related to a web interface, think about selenium and ruby!

Bitbucket read-only SSH access

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I’m about to start a small webapp related to the upcoming ManPad. Of course, the sources of this app are securely stored in a git repository, on bitbucket actually.

To make things easy, I’d like to be able to deploy the latest version of the app by simply issuing a git pull. But to make things secure, I need to be sure that corrupting my server would not allow anyone to write to my git repository.

That’s where so-called “deployment keys” come into play. Bitbucket allow us to declare read-only SSH keys for a specific repository, and it works even if your repository is private, which is a very cool option!

Read more on their blog.