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Migrating to Octopress

Change is going on here! The web recently brought to me something I’ve been looking for a long time: a good static website generator. And the winner is…

Octopress. Ok, you read it in the title already… So what is Octopress? Well it’s roughly the equivalent of Wordpress, except that it generates static content, and therefore requires no PHP / other setup on your server. All you have to do is rsync the generated content to your webserver (who said nginx?).

They state it clearly: “a blogging framework for hackers”. Content is stored in text files: hassle free, content oriented, versionable… A perfect fit for me!

So as you can see the blog sports the default look of Octopress, without even the beloved Aspyct logo, but it’ll come back soon :) Meanwhile, if you spot any mistake in the new blog, you’d be kind to tell me.

Hope you like this new website, (hey, noticed you can now post comments ? :D)