Spitfire project, day #1

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So we moved in with a few friends. A bunch of geeks just like me… fine move :) We call our house the “Geekarium”. And of course, we play video games. Or more specifically, we play War Thunder, a WW2 airplane simulation.

I like to pretend these planes are real, and the keyboard is not enough. Arduino to the rescue :)

Android: detecting charge state

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Battery is expensive. Not to say that you can’t buy one, but you really should use resources wisely when you develop a mobile application. Yet sometimes you need to do some long run process or heavy calculation.

For that matter, Android allows us to detect whether the device is plugged in and charging. Let’s see how.

Android: Switch wifi on/off

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Sometime you simply need more than HTTP requests or buttons. Sometimes you need to play with device state, switch the wifi on for example. Android provide a very easy API to do that.